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Tianjin Property Group for the recruitment of 100 high-end professionals at home and abroad

Tianjin Property Group for the recruitment of 100 high-end professionals at home and abroad

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2018/12/25 09:08
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◁ Red Group Overview

Tianjin Property Group Co., Ltd. is the largest state-owned production and distribution company in Tianjin, Tianjin is the first to enter the world's top 500 enterprises. Group in the "Fortune 500 Fortune 500" ranked No. 146, in the global trade industry enterprises ranked No. 6. China's top 500 enterprises in 2015 ranked 24th.

Group registered capital of 2.53 billion yuan, with 216 enterprises and enterprises, the end of 2015 the total assets of 219.1 billion yuan, the sales income of 403 billion yuan. Group business areas cover commodity trade (including import and export), modern logistics, financial services, real estate and so on. Among them, the bulk commodities include metal (ferrous metals, nonferrous metals), energy resources (coal, coke, fuel oil), minerals (iron ore, colored ore), chemical, automotive electromechanical and other five categories. Group operating area covering the whole country, and in the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions established 21 overseas business outlets, the formation of radiation global network layout.

◁ Red Group Strategy

Mission: to work together to create value for the business services

Vision: Become a world-class industry chain integration service provider

Development concept: internationalization, innovation, capitalization, synergy, competition, sharing.

Core competitiveness: the whole industry chain integration and resource control, the international operation of operational capacity, integrated service capabilities.

Business portfolio: "four horizontal and three vertical +", which "four horizontal" for the black mineral metal, non-ferrous metal minerals, energy light, automotive electromechanical four industrial chain; "three vertical" for the trade, logistics, financial three supply chain services Form ";" refers to the use of "natural things" power platform and investment and other means of mergers and acquisitions, continuous optimization of real estate and other business and portfolio, and constantly open up new industries.

In order to meet the needs of the Group's "13th Five-Year Plan" period, we are currently looking at the recruitment and training of six professional 20 posts and 100 high-end professionals at home and abroad. We invite you to have high professional ethics, excellent team spirit, outstanding business ability and rich practical experience. All kinds of management professionals and party management personnel to join the Tianjin property, work together to create opportunities to work together!


◁ ◁ Recruitment jobs


 professional field
 Job description
 The number of people
 Financial finance
 Capital Operations Senior Manager
 Responsible for the establishment of a scientific and rational capital operation system, expand investment and financing channels, the implementation of enterprise listing and other capital operation projects.
Senior Manager of Investment and M & A
 Responsible for the economic situation analysis of commodity industry, investment market research, planning investment and financing programs, docking intermediary agencies, investment and acquisition projects for the whole process of monitoring and management.
Advanced Financial Management
 Responsible for the establishment of science, the system in line with the actual situation of the company's financial accounting system, financial monitoring system and financing system for effective internal control.
Advanced Futures Management
 Responsible for the operation and management of the futures market business, the establishment of futures business management processes and systems, responsible for the company's futures trading program review and the relevant formulation and implementation of the company to complete the performance tasks.
International shipping insurance
 Responsible for the company's overall business framework planning and design, real-time risk monitoring to ensure the smooth implementation of the insurance plan.
Advanced Asset Management
 Responsible for the company's land, real estate and other assets of the operation and management, to ensure the realization of state-owned assets of the preservation and appreciation.
 international trade
 Senior manager of international trade
 Responsible for the development of international trade plans, the organization of overseas market development and trade activities, sales team construction, management, sales targets to complete the task. Maintain good customer relationship and ensure continuous business growth.
Professional translation
 Responsible for the translation of the group documents, translation of business diplomacy, the communication of relevant departments, and participation in the major business negotiation work of the Group.
 E - commerce
 Senior System Architect
 Responsible for the overall architecture design of e-commerce platform system, including platform, hardware and software architecture.
Large data operation and maintenance senior engineer
 Responsible for the overall planning, operation and operation and maintenance of the company's large data.
Financial Software Development Project Manager
 Responsible for the company system business needs analysis, project management, software development.
 Logistics management
 Senior manager of logistics
 Responsible for the company logistics planning, management system. To carry out internal resource integration, to promote the company's supply chain operation mode, optimize the logistics process, inventory layout, supply chain management, enhance the company's logistics control level.
 Party management
 Party management
 Responsible for the development of party building work program, the full implementation of the ideological and political objectives of the enterprise requirements, and strictly implement the party building system, planning to carry out party organizations and party members of the activities, summed up the typical experience of party building work, research reports and other materials, promote party work and management Work carried out simultaneously.
 Integrated management
 Director of Human Resources
 Formulate the organization and implementation of the company's human resources strategy, a comprehensive human resources development, the company's strategic objectives to achieve a strong human resources protection.
 According to the company's training needs, tailor-made training courses. Through internal teaching, to enhance the company's staff knowledge and skills.
Senior legal manager
 Responsible for dealing with the legal aspects of the problem, the contract review, litigation processing, to assist the company leadership to carry out legal work coordination and improvement.
Advanced risk management
 Responsible for the development of risk management related systems, procedures and methods to identify and assess the operational risks contained in the business of the company, responsible for the review of the contract, payment audit, follow-up implementation, monitoring the implementation process, formulate risk assessment reports, organize the implementation of operational risk prevention work.
Assistant Dean of the Institute
 Assist the president of the Institute to develop, implement and implement the various business development strategies, plans to achieve the overall management objectives of the Institute.
Deputy Minister of Information
 Responsible for the industry at home and abroad related to major economic and cultural aspects of the major information collection, screening, statistics, analysis, business decision-making for the Group to provide information support.
Director of real estate development
 Responsible for assisting in the development of the company's development and investment strategy, the preparation and implementation of the company's real estate development planning and feasibility study. Responsible for real estate project feasibility analysis demonstration, approval, bidding management.


◁ RED Recruitment conditions

Candidates must meet the following basic conditions when applying for specific positions and meet the required conditions for each post.

(A) the basic conditions

1, with outstanding professionalism, team awareness and innovation, enthusiasm and enterprising, with good personal quality and professional ethics, honest and trustworthy, no bad business records.

2, full-time undergraduate and above, bachelor's degree.

3, with more than five years relevant work experience.

4, College English four or above the same level of English.

5, good health, with good psychological quality, can adapt to high-intensity work.

(B) the terms of service

The recruitment of specific job conditions, please enter the recruitment platform to understand the relevant content:


◁ RED Recruitment process

In accordance with the "open recruitment, equal competition, both ability and political integrity, merit hiring" principle of organizing the implementation of recruitment activities, including registration, qualification, written examination, interview, background investigation, physical examination, employment and other work links.

(A) registration. Please go to the recruitment platform ( before May 25, 2016, and register to complete the application form, each person only fill in a job. In addition to online registration, do not accept other forms of registration. Please prepare the JPG format in advance to prepare a copy of the electronic version of the document, for online registration, the document size of 500K or less, 70 * 100 pixels.

(B) qualification examination, written examination and interview. For details of the time and place, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

(C) background investigation, physical examination and other follow-up work.

◁ ◁ related instructions

(A) Tianjin Property Group is committed to the applicant information to be strictly confidential, and only for the recruitment work. The unselected information will be retained by the income group and will not be refunded.

(2) The applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the application information information. If it does not conform to the facts, Tianjin Property Group has the right to cancel its qualification.

(3) Tianjin Property Group has the right to cancel or terminate the recruitment of individual posts according to the registration situation and enjoy the final interpretation of the whole recruitment work.

(D) Advisory email: