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Hopetone company held middle-level cadres "Yong as dare to play" work to promote the meeting

Hopetone company held middle-level cadres "Yong as dare to play" work to promote the meeting

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2018/12/25 09:07
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April 17, at 4:30 pm, Hao Tong company party secretary, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, trade union chairman pool white feather by the company party secretary, chairman Xu Jianhua commissioned in the third floor conference room held middle-level cadres "courage to act as a" Will thoroughly implement the group "do not act as" special governance requirements, and vigorously promote the comprehensive strict rule of the party. At this meeting, the company held the seventh year of the party's main spirit of the party to convey, and the specific requirements of the party committee to deploy, mobilize the company's middle-level cadres to understand the situation, a unified understanding, tackling difficulties, to create a Support the tough battle of the middle-level cadres, to ensure the full completion of the objectives and tasks to achieve sustained and healthy development of the company.

The company's leading team members Liu Heng, Fan Baojuan this year Hao Tong company task is arduous, the problem is prominent, the company middle-level cadres should be the company's development as its mission, fully implement the leadership requirements, and effectively play a leading role, united, concerted efforts to give full play Middle-level cadres Yong as dare to play the professionalism, to fight this tough tough battle. Combined with the inspection situation and the company's development needs, made a few requests, middle-level cadres must be profound understanding, after the meeting will be required to convey to the department staff in place to ensure that all staff of the company know the meeting requirements and spirit: 1. Change the work style 2. Change Inertia thinking. Correct attitude. 4. Enhance the overall awareness. Take the initiative as. 6. Build confidence in development.

The party secretary of the company, the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the chairman of the trade union pool Bai Yu informed the meeting Hao Tong company does not act as the problem of special governance work, combined with the company's actual, pointed out that "as" the main performance is: First, Indicators to ensure that there is no operational risk; the second is a smooth and orderly completion of the objectives of the reform of state-owned enterprises; third is the inspection and audit found problems, to establish legislation to determine the timetable; four is timely and properly solve the mine and force source Cheung Problem; five is to establish a work account and problem list, decomposition tasks, strict process management and the results of assessment. Two is to take the initiative, to meet the difficulties; third is to actively cooperate with, to punish the passing; four is to strictly manage, and strive for excellence; five is to do so, To innovate and develop. To implement the "do not act as" special governance work, put forward three requirements: First, the leadership team to quasi-direction, method strategy should be appropriate to maintain the working state is not urgent; second middle-level cadres to grasp the key The middle cadres to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of ordinary cadres and general staff work, responsibility and ability to highlight the cadres and employees, to continue to tap their potential, good talent.

Finally, the meeting said that comrades must be strict demands on themselves, pragmatic, solid work, to take practical action to prove their own value for the development of enterprises and make due contributions. After all the joint efforts, Hao Tong company will be able to overcome the difficulties, continue to develop, we must be firm confidence, line up and sleeves dry!

After the meeting, the general manager of the meeting will be the spirit of the meeting to Xu, the ancient total report, Xu total, the ancient always attach great importance to that one should strengthen unity, unity is strength, unity is the basis and guarantee of the work; Establish a solid work, efficient implementation of the work style, and comprehensively promote the work to ensure that the effectiveness of work.

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