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Interpretation of Tianwu Group
Tiangao Zhiyuan, Wuhua Jie, gathering talents, unity and sincerity.
Enterprise Spirit of Tianwu Group
(Unity, Struggle, Practicality and Innovation)
We should support each other and safeguard the spirit of unity in the overall situation.
Struggling spirit fearless of difficulties and brave to shoulder heavy burdens;
Practical spirit of down-to-earth and hard work;
The innovative spirit of being brave in practice and daring to be the first.

Interpretation of the Department Emblem of Tianwu Group


The earth symbolizes the broad mind and internationalization orientation of the celestial group; the sea-blue background symbolizes the celestial culture as ocean culture and open culture; the longitude and latitude symbolizes the group's domestic and international sales network, domestic and foreign trade, industry and commerce, banking and enterprise alliance; English extends to both sides of the earth, symbolizing the unlimited extension of the group's vision for the future; the blue earth implies the broad, vast, and golden combination of the English symbols. The strong foundation and steady spirit of the group.


The Mission and Belief of Tianwu Group
Firstly, to become stronger, bigger and better enterprises, in accordance with the concept and mode of supply chain, to strengthen the main industry, to do new industries;
Secondly, expand the industry and lead the direction of industry, from traditional circulation industry to modern circulation industry.
Third, make greater value, create material wealth and spiritual wealth, and make supply chain become the core competitiveness of the group.


Development Prospect of Tianwu Group
The Group will be built into a modern circulation enterprise group with international competitiveness, which is cross-industry, cross-region, cross-ownership and cross-border.


Tianwu Group's Common Ideal
Strive for the goal of 100 billion group!


Enterprise Philosophy of Tianwu Group
There are always more ways to turn difficulties into opportunities than difficulties.
It is more important to look at the gap than the achievement.
Gap is potential, difficulty is opportunity, crisis is new life.


Cultural Connotation of Tianwu Group
Nature culture is guided by the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, aiming at building a modern circulation industry group with Chinese characteristics, taking traditional culture as its foundation, and taking contemporary open culture as its target. We should adhere to the principles of inheritance, integration, non-exclusion, continuity, divergence, transcendence and non-consolidation.


Development View of Tianwu Group
Based on Tianjin, serving the Bohai Sea, radiating the whole country and going to the world.
The way of "Three-one" is to be one-uppermost, one-shot faster and one step ahead.
The law of conservation of "three changes": keeping the meridian to change, changing the strain and changing the conservation in the middle.
"Three Forces" Requirements: Enhance the group's radiation, penetration and control of the market.
"Four Chains": Extending Supply Chain, Building Industry Chain, Developing Service Chain, Promoting Value Chain of Enterprises and Society.
"Eight Services": Tianwu Group provides resource allocation services, logistics services, financial services, information services, technical services, order services, product design services, and economical alternative services for production enterprises.
"Four Transformations" Foundation Points: Improve the advanced nature of economic development mode, from the traditional mode of operation which depends on expanding the scale of financing and gaining profits by rising prices to the modern mode of circulation; from the extension of reproduction to the extension of reproduction; from the speed of economic development to the quality of economic operation; from simple Product Management to product management and asset management; The combination of capital operation and transformation.
"Four unchangeable" principles: adhere to the direction of the development strategy of large groups unchanged; adhere to the road of asset restructuring and structural adjustment unchanged; adhere to the principle of grasping the development of new enterprises and the transformation of old enterprises at one hand unchanged; adhere to the advantage of giving full play to political work unchanged.
"Break through three turning points": strategic turning point of group development, from bigger to stronger; organizational turning point, from fission to fusion; leading cadres turning point, from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.
In order to strengthen the main business and improve the new industry, we must not stand by our business.
The Values of Tianwu Group
Common values: striving for strength in the big and medium, promoting the big, good and fast, and promoting the whole.
Core values: excellence first, innovation and efficiency, always learning.
Enterprise ethics: honesty, trustworthiness, law-abiding management, confidentiality, compliance with obligations.
Professional ethics: love and dedication, loyalty group, integrity and civilization, discipline and law-abiding, customer first, service to society.
Business philosophy: to provide customers with wholehearted, value-added, win-win services.
Service image: reliable, inseparable and indispensable.
Employment View of Tianwu Group
We should get rid of old concepts, old relations, old systems, old methods and old impressions. We should know people and be good at their duties, be open-minded, and apply only talents.
Respect for people, let the enthusiasm and creativity of employees burst out; select good people, let cadres maintain a good image; use living people, let talents have opportunities for group development; retain people, let the value of employees in the cause of things; benefit people, let all staff and workers share the results of reform and development.
They are politically guided to honor, encouraged to reward, supported to the stage at work, and warmly cared for in life.
To win people by virtue, to be able to use people, to persevere in making good use of people who can work, people who can make money, people who can carry things; meritorious people award, capable people count.
Emotional retention, treatment retention, career retention, atmosphere retention. Let those who want to be, can be, do, and do nothing wrong have opportunities, stages and seats in the development of the group.
Focus on "four kinds of people": those who do nothing for fame and fortune and make contributions with outstanding talents and nobody knows what to do; those who have brains, ideas, courage to put forward opinions and even oppose themselves; those who are skilled and have potential for development despite their shortcomings; those who work at the grass-roots level and are not easy to be found by leaders.
Behavior View of Tianwu Group
Loyalty is better than ability. Details determine success or failure. Winning depends on execution.
Say, write and do the same.
Work hard, work hard, do skillfully and scientifically, do solid work, talk less and do more.
"Two Deepening": Deep into all aspects of operation, deep into the final end of the market, set foot on the core business.
"Three follow-up": to grasp the details of the operation, follow-up in advance, follow-up in the event, follow-up after the event.
"Four Combinations": Integrate passion with rational thinking, combine innovation with scientific decision-making, integrate overall promotion with key breakthroughs, and integrate major goals with practical work.
"Five can't": money can't be spent freely, things can't be moved freely, people can't use freely, awards can't be given freely, things can't be done freely.
The decisive person gets the momentum and the opportunistic person loses the opportunity.
If the problem is not solved, it will be "new disease" turning into "stubborn disease" and "stubborn disease" turning into "cancer".
Cultural View of Tianwu Group
We should gather money with the integrity of the group, people with the cause of the group, and culture with the group.
Corporate culture is ubiquitous. Only by creating an enterprise culture where everyone strives for the day and night and strives for progress can the group have tremendous strength.
To achieve large enterprises and build hundreds of billions of groups, we need cultural support, ideological support and team spirit.
Enterprises can not influence and restrain employees'behavior through culture, and enterprises may become a mob.
The construction of nature culture is guided by scientific theory, led by leading cadres and guided by marketing culture.
Tianwu Group and Heheguan
People, affinity, harmony, internal harmony, external harmony, aggregation, integration, competition, harmony.
Make money happily, make money safely, and make money for a long time.
The Team Idea of Tianwu Group
Joint efforts, cooperation, shared responsibility, common creation, win-win development and shared achievements.
Team spirit: consensus, dedication, learning, innovation, cooperation and participation.
Image Standard of Leading Cadres of Tianwu Group
Diligent, dedicated, competent, not greedy.
Style of Leading Cadres of Tianwu Group
High-profile work, low-key life, not to speak out.
Want to do things, dare to do things, will do things, nothing.
Know the law, understand the law without touching the high-voltage line, strictly adhere to the bottom line of human interaction, improve the system optimization.