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Overseas Alliance

Overseas Alliance

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With the enhancement of the company's economic strength and the improvement of its competitiveness, the head office keeps pace with the times, firmly implements the "going out" strategy, actively adapts to the process of economic globalization, invests overseas, obtains key resources, rationally allocates resources, optimizes the industrial structure, and breaks through barriers to trade protection in order to meet the growing demand for resource-based products in the domestic market. Upgraded the overall international competitiveness of enterprises.
With a clear self-orientation and strategic direction, the company continuously improves its innovative ability and accurate grasp of the market, adopts flexible management methods, and cooperates with Chile State-owned Copper Company, Korea LS Copper Refining Company, French Louis Dafu, American JPMorgan Chase, American Gerald Company, Dutch Tok Company, Singapore Lever Company, SK Group, Ito Zhong Commercial Co., Ltd. Korea Korea Korea Korean Group and American Wima International have established long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations. Business varieties include copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metals, as well as iron ore, coal and so on. In view of the shortage of domestic basic resources, domestic and foreign resources procurement and raw material base development should be strengthened. Establishing subsidiaries in Mexico, deepening the source of resources, and establishing a solid cooperative relationship with local mineral developers and traders, has already distributed iron ore to many large-scale domestic iron and steel production enterprises, deepened cooperation with production enterprises, and created a whole supply chain from raw material procurement, product sales to processing and distribution. Through the role of overseas platforms, we have opened up overseas markets, sought business opportunities, and successfully operated new businesses in a short period of time, achieved a breakthrough in business from scratch, showing a good momentum of development.


 天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司


 天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司


 天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司  天津市浩通物产有限公司