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About Us

About Us

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Founded in 1999, Tianjin Hopetone Co. Ltd. (Hopetone) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Materials and Equipments Group Corporation (Tewoo Group). Its registered capital is RMB500 million. Total assets amounted to RMB2.133 billion, with a land area of 163,000 square meters, construction area of 45,383 square meters, and warehouse area of 25,555 square meters.
Hopetone has four business segments: Chemicals, Minerals and Energy Products, Non-ferrous Metal, and Real Estate Property Management. With is continuous development, Hopetone has become an important participant in supply of non-ferrous metals in both domestic and international markets. We also built reliable supply chains for chemicals, minerals and coals from suppliers to industries.
The sale income for year of 2011 was RMB16.8 billion and profit achieved RMB114 million. The import and export volume was RMB1.1 billion and physical volume was 2.18 million tons, including 230,000 tons in non-ferrous metals, 800,000 tons in chemicals, 330,000 tons in coal, and 770,000 in minerals.
Rely on Tewoo Group’s outstanding reputation, Tianjin Hopetone, Co., Ltd. strives to be a reliable partner and aims to support our customers and suppliers by our professional operations, solid capital strength and our business network.